Saturday, February 18, 2012

My very first post

From the time I was young I have always had a love for food. When I wake up in the mornings, one of the first thoughts that pop into my mind is "what am I going to be eating for dinner tonight?" I have never been a huge breakfast person. It takes me a couple of hours to adjust, but once I start eating, I cannot seem to stop.
My mom has always commented that I should write about food, since I enjoy eating so much. I was skeptical at first, but I started to like the idea more and more. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Sherry Hughes, who is the food columnist for the Keene Sentinel. Seeing what she gets to do on a weekly basis made me realize that I could possibly do something like that as well. I decided to start a blog, hoping to share my passion for food, and how it impacts my life… in a good way.
 I don't cook as often as I would like to, and when I say often, I mean never. Living at college with a budget is difficult to manage. I also am occupied throughout most of the day by work I have to get done for school. That equals no time for cooking.
I actually haven’t made a single meal since Thanksgiving break. My family had the kitchen redone by the time I was home for winter, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to cook in the kitchen, well actually I couldn’t even enter it. We spent many meals in our dining room with only a toaster over to spare. We did manage to bring the fridge into the living room as well, but the food we were able to eat was limited.
Many of our meals that we have eaten were brought in from restaurants. Mainly pizza, Chinese food, and food we have brought back from Fairway. I was getting tired of this pretty fast, and I wished I was able to cook. Of course, the kitchen wasn’t finished until a week after I returned to school. My dad texts me from time to time saying that he is cooking in our new kitchen, and cannot wait for me to come home and prepare dinners with him. I haven’t decided what I my first meal will be yet, but it probably ends up being the pasta that I have made from time and time again this past summer.
My pasta dish seems to be a hit in my household. The dish consists of turkey sausage, an abundance of mushrooms and onions (requested specifically from my brother), and tomato sauce. At the end of making the sauce, I would throw in cut up pepperoni to give it that extra kick. Pasta is then thrown in with the sauce followed by a healthy amount of cheese. Sometimes cheddar, other times mozzarella, depending on what we had and what I was in the mood for. The dish was a big hit, and I would like to bring that back into our lives once I hit home for spring break.
But for now, it is meals from around campus, and frozen dinners that are found in the freezer. Around once a week I find myself venturing off to Main Street, or eating out at an Applebee’s or diner. I do not like to spend money often, since I am on a budget. But when I do, I make sure it is worthwhile. I will fill you guys in on what I am eating, and give you some places that should be tried out. But for now, I have to go finish my homework, and get ready for the evening.


  1. Lindsay, I just received a gift card from Applebees and wonder what you recommend. I don't eat red meat or pork.

    Enjoy your passion for food and blog,


  2. Hey Sharon!
    I don't often eat meals at Applebees, and when I go I usually get appetizers. My roommate however, enjoys their three cheese chicken penne, but I am not sure if that is something you would like. I do like their chicken fajita roll-up, if you are into Mexican I would recommend that.
    I hope you are doing well,

  3. OK, I'll try both. I order from my office right before I leave, drive up to their "carside to go" sign and some girl runs out with my order. What kind of appetizers do you like?

    I enjoy cooking too. Sometimes I get into cook fests on the weekends with leftovers for the work week. It's fun to try different food; lately I've been cooking with polenta.

    I'm doing well; my company is sending me to DC in April. Hopefully we'll find good restaurants there! Hope all is well for you.

    Warm regards from Alaska,


  4. I have never eaten polenta, maybe I should give it a try!
    Also, there is a great place in DC called Vappianos. The prices are very reasonable and the food is delicious. They cook the food in front of you, and they cook it to how you like it. The place can be kind of loud, but it is worth it.
    Great talking food with you!