Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oftentimes, a person may judge a places based off of how crowded it is. Mixed Grill is not one of those places. It may be overshadowed by La Piazza next door, or just the unawareness of the restaurant, but when I told my friend we were going to meet there for dinner, she let me know she never heard of it. Ironically enough, it is located a few stores over from the bagel place we often attend.
Although we ate early, the place was nearly empty. There was one other family present, and all the other tables were just another piece of furniture in the restaurant. The Mixed Grill offers everything from gyros to hamburgers. Their fries are outstanding, along with other sides listed on the menu.
I ordered the Spinach Pie platter, which I have eaten before. On the plate, a giant square with a crunchy, flaky phyllo dough crust lay. Inside, what seemed like an inch thick of spinach filled the dish. The flavor of the spinach was not overpowering, and sautéed with garlic and onions, it made for a perfect match. It has a great savory flavor, and it keeps you wanting more.
On the side, more than a handful of very well done French fries were served, crispy and delicious, along with three long broccoli spears. The broccoli tasted as if it was placed in a pool of garlic oil, and sat overnight. The softness of the broccoli florets strengthened the garlic flavor. I kind of wish they served me more of the greens than the French fries, an odd request, I know.
The dish cost $13.00, and there was more than enough served. I wasn’t able to finish, so I brought the rest home and enjoyed it for late evening snack.

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