Saturday, July 28, 2012

After almost 6 months, I finally decided to fine tune the article I wrote for the school newspaper discussing the different dining options offered on campus.

Senior Sarah Wompler finds it convenient to eat in the Dining Commons, given her demanding schedule.

Senior Lindsay Dutton stops over at Hoot n’ Scoot multiple times throughout the week to pick up food before work.

Senior Lauren Wallace enjoys walking through the Student Center and picking out something to eat before her strenuous day of classes.

Keene State College students could find that the meals offered on campus are either a balanced one or a quick fix that will keep them energized throughout the day.

The school offers a variety of options to choose from when students find they are craving something to eat: The Zorn Dining Commons, Hoot n’ Scoot, Bean and Bagel, Sizzlers, and Lloyd’s Marketplace.

The DC  made up of large glass windows doesn’t stop students from going to eat on a regular basis.

“It is hard to make a balanced meal, so it’s easy to come to the dining commons,” Wompler said. “I like eating here. I can read a book, and check my email.”

The DC has a number of stations, offering a salad bar, vegan station, sandwich station, and a grill section, along with a main line.

“It is easily accessible,” said Junior Ryan Fay. Fay acknowledges the short distance between the DC and his dorm room.

Sophomore Victoria Patt adds “It is a good gathering place.”

Patt brought the attention of the themed meals the DC hosts once per semester. A chef from another country shares different cuisines that are from his native home. She also likes the annual Italian dinner along the main walkway of the school at the start of each fall semester.

Hoot n’ Scoot offers a place to get a meal on the go, which students appreciate when they are hustling and bustling throughout the school day. “There are a good number of options to choose from,” Dutton says.

Besides taking an entrée, a snack, side, and drink are offered as well.

The marketplace, located at the heart of the Student Center, provides different stations, from different grilled options, to soups, sandwiches, along with Italian classics.

“It is easy to find something healthy like a sandwich or salad,” said Wallace.

Drinks and prepared sandwiches are also offered on the side in the refrigerated section. “I like the late night options and the food selection in general there,” Dutton said.

A unique combination of pita bread, a choice of meat, veggies, and an array of sauces draws in a rather large crowd during lunchtime. Sizzlers are served to students from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, on the second floor of the Student Center in the Night Owl Café.

Senior Lauren Wallace adds, “They are a good alternative to the DC.”

Whether students find themselves in the DC, eating a sizzler, or buying something from the marketplace, they will always have their options opened to them. It is just a matter of what they may be in the mood for that particular day.

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