Sunday, October 21, 2012

My first post in a very very very...long time

I am not afraid to admit it, breakfast is not my favorite. Although the options seem endless, I don’t find satisfaction in eating a stack of pancakes, or a fresh omelet,. If I am going to eat breakfast, I might as well find something that will keep me happy.

This morning the popular bagel place in my town was barraged with customers, and my mom was unable to buy us some food. Instead, she moseyed on down the shopping center to Shop Rite, and found some alternatives for us.

Since she refuses to eat bagels from anywhere but the bagel store, she purchased some fresh rolls, potato salad, cucumber salad, and of course, white fish salad, along with salami for yours truly.

Since it seems my weight has rapidly been increasing, I opted just for the sandwich, (salami, deli mustard on the roll). Later that afternoon, my dad had taken out the rest of the foods, opened the containers and began digging in. Once he mentioned the potato salad was good, I couldn’t resist.

I am a huge fan of potato salad. The creamier, the better. And that is exactly how this potato salad was presented. Bits of carrots and celery ran throughout, along with some cheese. It was seriously delicious.

The cucumbers added an extra tang, tasted more like pickles but it did the trick. As soon as my parents left the house, I found myself eating straight from the container.. Totally worth it!

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