Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New year, new post

I may be the only 22 year old who thoroughly enjoys potato salad as a midnight snack. However, since I already discussed this item in my last post, I digress.

Because I have not written on my blog in over three months, there is a lot to discuss. I obviously am not going to dish on every food item I have eaten, because that will take up your day.. possibly week. However I will discuss my favorites.

Sushi, an all time favorite. Last week I was invited to dinner with my friend and her mom. Since this is one of my favorite cuisines, I couldn’t wait to eat.

Normally, when I eat sushi, my dad and I will split five or six rolls and call it a night. After her mom only ordered two, I felt I should do the same. Although I was skeptical it wasn’t enough, I decided to go with it anyway. She asked if I would split edamame with her, which of course I agreed.

Something I found interesting is she ordered spicy mayo for dipping. I never thought of ordering it for vegetables, but rather the rolls themselves. But once I took a bite, I never stopped questioning.

There was a certain zing that the mayo exudes, a flavor you wouldn’t expect with edamame. The creaminess of the sauce bodes well with the heat and the orange color is more inviting than regular white, plain mayo.

I couldn’t stop at the edamame. My two rolls consisted of spicy yellowtail, and shrimp tempura topped with spicy tuna. As you can see, I like my food spicy. Not too spicy though, as I can control how hot I want it with the mayo I put on. The crunch from the tempura, with the smoothness of the spicy tuna mixed with a kick of heat, balanced with the rice, made for a delicious meal. I couldn’t ask for a better dinner.

Plus, at the end, six slices of watermelon were served, and guess who ate them all.

Another interesting food I tried the other day was something out of the norm. It comprised of corned beef, swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut, and no I am not talking about the sandwich.

My mom brought over some Reuben bites she found in the freezer section of Shop Rite. She thought we might enjoy them and put them up as soon as she got home.

An hour later, after the oven heated up, and merely forgetting about the tasty bites, they were ready to be consumed.

I thought they were very Rachael Ray esq, combining flavors together turning them into another meal. Not as healthy as the sandwich, but a pick me up to get you through the day.

Bursts of Russian dressing and the sharpness of the swiss filled my mouth and an over powering of rye seeds filled my palate. I am a fan of rye bread, but I felt the rye seeds of this were a bit of an overload, and could do without them. With that being said, Reuben bites weren’t half bad.

And finally, the meatball. As I was food shopping yesterday, I decided I was going to make meatballs for dinner. I haven’t made them in a while and wanted to them a go.

I purchased ground chicken, keeping it on the healthier side. Along with that I added parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs (which I made from grinding up butter garlic croutons), Montréal grill seasoning (for chicken), grated clove of garlic, grated shallot and a pinch of Emerills Bayou blast.

I formed them into seven meatballs, and put them in the oven at 375. They baked for around fifteen twenty minutes and were cooked perfectly.

Usually I am very critical of my cooking, but last night was an exception. The meatballs were not dry at all, but rather moist. They weren’t so flavorful however, and next time I will add more seasonings. But for me, texture is half the battle, and so I came out a winner.

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