Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last Saturday I had the highly anticipated, long awaited trip to the Palisades Mall. The last time I went was just a dinner run at Stir Crazy. I blogged about my last encounter but it was so good I am going to write about it again.

This time we went in for lunch, where the crowd wasn't as overwhelming. Here is how it goes; you pick a meat, either noodle or rice, and fill the bowl with whichever vegetables you would like.

I chose tofu and flat rice noodles since I feel they hold the sauce well. I put in a handful of spinach, baby corn, water chestnuts for added crunch, pineapple for a little sweetness and bok choy for some extra nutrition.

I decided on Thai curry instead of the peanut sauce I opted for last summer. After they finished cooking it up in front of me, I was excited to begin my meal. The curry flavor was very mild, as I am used to it being a bit more overpowering. With that being said, I enjoyed it a great deal.

After we finished our meal, we went on shopping. The mall is a bit overwhelming given it's amplitude, but it was a great day if do say so myself.

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