Thursday, June 21, 2012

The other night a we got a group together to celebrate our friend’s birthday. We entered Kodiaks Restaurant and Bar of Farmingdale with a reservation on hand. At 7:30 on the dot, the hostess showed us to our table.
The waiter brought over the drink menu and we started to browse. Whenever I go out to dinner, I have a difficult time deciding which drink to order. The choices seem endless, and I start to feel overwhelmed.
Fruity cocktails are my drink of choice, and if they are being offered, I jump at the chance. After spotting a kiwi mojito on the menu, I didn’t need to look any further. Unfortunately, they didn‘t have kiwi on hand, so I settled for strawberry. There is something magical about the combination of fruit and mint. The refreshing mint leaves incorporated with the sweetness from the fruit complement each other, giving it that vibrant taste.
Their seafood options were limited, but once I saw they had salmon, my mind was set. The waiter mentioned it came with mash and smash (mashed potatoes and spinach). Instead, I opted for an unhealthier choice, creamed spinach. I saw onion straws were listed as one of the potato options. I instantly knew it wasn’t going to be a mashed potato kind of night.
After quickly receiving our food, I delved right in The crunchy bites of the garlic breadcrumb topping meshed well with the delicate salmon. It was a perfect match, and between the herbs and the garlic, the salmon steeped with flavor. The creamed spinach was served in a soup bowl, and ironically enough, it had a soupy consistency. Generally when I am eating creamed spinach, I enjoy a thicker texture.
I know they are not the classiest, but the onion straws hit the spot. They mirrored the shape of angel hair pasta, and could easily be picked up with a fork. Unfortunately, the strings were on the cold side, but the onions bursted with flavor.
After finishing my plate, I couldn‘t help myself, promptly ordering fried Oreos. I haven‘t had this delicious treat in years, and when they were set on the table, I was not disappointed.
Six fried Oreos were spread out on a plate, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and chocolate syrup drizzled on the bottom. I felt as if I was eating a freshly baked donut, with the Oreo as the filling.
I was pleased with the meal I received at Kodiaks. They did a great job presenting their food, and definitely won over my heart. I cannot wait to return, and see what else they have to offer.

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