Thursday, June 7, 2012

    Since Jimmy Dean sausage was a no-go, I decided to fight my stubbornness and purchase a different kind of sausage. In reality, it all tastes the same.
    Tonight I started cooking up the sausage I bought, and after it was finished, I drained it and threw it in a bowl. Then I took a mixture of monterey jack, and cheddar and mixed it in with the meat. I took a half cup of ranch dressing and mixed all the ingredients together. After heating up wonton rappers for five minutes, I filled them with the mixture.
    It took around eight minutes, but it ended up being perfect. The mixture turned out to be creamy, cheesy, and delicious! And you can’t go wrong with sausage. It isn’t the healthiest of dishes, so I wouldn’t count on making them weekly. Although I may crave it, I will have to fight the urge and settle for something a little more healthy. Like, celery sticks.

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