Wednesday, January 30, 2013

There is something about dumplings that make them fabulous. The soft, but crunchy outer tips of the dough combined with the tender, delicious inside (whether it is meat or vegetables) make them a tasty bite. What makes them more appealing is the health factor.

Whenever I order Chinese, I request steamed vegetable dumplings. Since I love vegetables, and they are figure friendly, I could finish them off in one sitting. I sometimes find myself eating just the insides, which make me feel better about Chinese food!

Well anyway, I bought a giant box of chicken dumplings from Shop Rite yesterday. I ate five before, and I simply enjoyed every bite. I am not full, no shock there. However, I don’t regret my decision, and now I may dig around to see what else I may find. Possibly some sort of vegetable? And if all else fails, I’ll just hit the gym!

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