Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard warnings, mounds of snow, hoping the power stays in tact, nothing like a winter storm day.

Instead of building snowmen and making snow angels, I sat inside my house all day like a bum. I got to watch some TV, eat some food, did I mention watch TV? I did however make it to the kitchen a couple of times to cook. However, it was a failed attempt as I tried to make pasta in garlic and oil.

The garlic ended up burning, which makes it bitter. When I went to sauté up some more garlic, the pan smelled like soap which made the garlic taste well.. soapy.

So all in all it was a failed meal. I did end up eating the asparagus that I cooked up to go into the pasta. It ended up tender, with a nice crunch, but still somewhat soft.

Later that day, I attempted to make some homemade tea. That came out better than I planned. I heated up some water, squeezed lemon, orange, and Clementine juice into the pot and then I strained it so the pulp wouldn’t end up in the tea. I added some honey at the end.

I must say, the tea had a nice citrus action going on, and the sweetness from the honey brought all the flavors together. I was pleased with this, a rarity, I know!

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