Saturday, February 23, 2013

Literally all I drink nowadays is tea. No more coffee, juice, or milk (not that I drink much of that anyway), even though I do miss the jolt of energy I get from coffee. And not just any tea, but herbal (for the most part). I love the taste of all the different flavors and how it soothes my throat.

 My tea of choice has been Celestial tea. They are 100% natural and come in a variety of flavors. My favorite is the tangerine orange, but they are all vibrant in flavor. The tea I drink is always decaf. Something that I have learned recently is that herbal tea is fully decaffeinated while other decaf teas leave traces of caffeine. What is different about Celestial tea is that they have no string and no tags.
Although this may seem strange, Celestial tea is doing their part in helping the environment. This saves over 3 1/2 million pounds of waste from filling landfills each year! Just be careful of burning your fingers!

Celestial teas did not sponsor this review nor are they affiliated with this post in any way. All opinions belong to the author.

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