Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It was my third time in a row celebrating Easter, and I have no complaints about that. The food seems to be the same every year: ham, potatoes, and a vegetable. I have heard other families eating fish, or eating lasagna, but for me ham always seems to be served.
Growing up, my family never really ate ham. We would eat chicken, steak, and brisket. Ham never really seemed to be of interest. After eating it three years in a row, I may want to bring it to the family table.
The ham is thick cut, and it is generally not tough, nor too chewy. It cuts easily, which comes in handy for somebody who has trouble with the knife and fork.
Along with the ham this year,  we had a side of mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were good, but I like adding butter to them. They also had seasoned salt that was put on the table, and I threw that on as well. It adds extra flavor, and makes the dish pop. Carrots were the vegetable of choice, and although they were just steamed, they were good.
Next year i want to bring Easter traditions back home. When I meantioned to my family that I would like to have an Easter egg hunt, they didn't seem to keen on the idea. Probably because the youngest person in my family will be a freshman in college next year, and I think they may have other ideas of fun.

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