Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's bad when you have been craving nothing but McDonalds for the last 3 hours. I have been on a McDonalds kick for weeks now, and I am sad to say it is not getting better. Whenever I go, I can't seem to stop eating. I always start off with a double cheeseburger and end the night with a snack wrap. That's not including the chicken nuggets and fries I get in between. Tonight I was supposed to go with my friends, but unfortunately, that did not happen.
There is something about McDonalds burgers that I love. I don't generally like burgers as I seem to find them dry, and not a good texture to eat. With all the grease that the double cheeseburger consists of, I somehow find that extremely appetizing.
As I start to read Fast Food Nation for class, I realize that I have to get all my McDonalds consumption in. After I read the in and outs of fast food, I may be repelled to eat anything from the golden arches for quite some time.

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