Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's getting closer to graduation, which means time to see everybody before I walk across the stage. Oh, and it also means hit up as many restaurants as I could. So, I started with Applebees.
My friend who I haven't seen since last year was going Easter basket shopping, and she invited me with her. Before we had the chance to go to the store, we decided on eating dinner beforehand.
Making decisions on what to eat is the worst. I could never decide, and I sit there forever second guessing what I should get.
I finally decided on getting the 2 for 20 with my roommate. We split the Spinach and Artichoke dip. The chips that came with it were extremely warm. They went great with the dip, which was filled with cheese through the dip as well as melted on top. There was enough chips to fill 3 or 4 people, but my roommate and I polished it off.
I also ordered clam chowder, which was extremely creamy. I don't often eat clam chowder. Actually, I don't even remember the last time I had it. The chowder consisted of clams which were good and not to chewy. The soup also had potatoes. The potatoes were a little to big, but that's just me.
For my main course, I ordered steak. I love ordering steak because it comes with 2 sides. One is a starch, in which I chose mashed potatoes. They were creamy and garlicky, and there was a good amount there. It also came with cole slaw, which was mounded inside the container. That was also creamy as well, but it went well with the steak and potatoes.
I recently started eating steak, and I never know how to order it. Since my family always orders it medium well, that's what I went with.
The steak was a little bit chewy, but I mean, what steak isn't. It had a nice flavor to it. The fatty parts of the steak are my favorite parts.
Overall the meal was good, and it wasn't expensive either. This however, didn't stop me from making a box of macaroni and cheese later that night.

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