Monday, March 12, 2012

    Breaks from school are usually a time to reconnect with friends, along with relaxing and not having to worry about school work. For me, it’s a chance to see people that I don’t often hang out with and catch up with them. I went out to lunch with my friend from high school today, and it was good to fill each other in on what has been going on with our lives. We agreed to go to Town Bagel, which is a bagel place in my hometown.
    Usually when you think of going to a bagel place you would think that the person would order a bagel. However, that is not the case for my friend and I. Town Bagel is known for their chopper salads. You pay one standard price and you could put whatever you would like into the salad. That is not including any meats.
    I opted to go for a wrap, since I wanted to try something other than the usual salads. I decided to get chicken cutlet, mozzarella cheese, and lettuce, on a wrap. It came with a side salad where I obviously chose macaroni salad.
    I was very excited to eat my lunch, as I had not eat Town Bagel since going back to school for my last semester. The wrap was warm, which made it all more appetizing. The macaroni salad was creamy and delicious. Whenever I go to Town Bagel,. I make sure to get an iced coffee. The pricing on their coffee isn’t bad, as I pay $2.10 for a medium. All together, the meal cost me less than eight dollars. I was satisfied with what I got, plus I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours catching up with an old friend.

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