Monday, March 26, 2012

    Since I never have time to cook, and I am too cheap to spend my money, I find myself at the dining commons most of the week. Although I complain about the food fairly often.. well all the time, I have realized it isn't too terrible.
    There are many different stations to choose from: Pizza station, pasta, stir fry, grill, salad bar, vegan station, there are quesadillas every night, and a main line. More times than not, I find myself going to the vegan station. My roommate said it and I have to reiterate it, the vegan station is the closest thing you will find in the DC that is homemade. 
    The lady who mans the station during the week is a really nice woman who you could tell cares that students eat healthy. She also makes the food, chooses what she wants to serve, and is always willing to talk to you.
     Tonight however, I chose to get a veggie burger from the grill station. The good thing about the veggie burgers are that they make them right in front of you. Yes, they are frozen, but they are pretty good quality. After they make the veggie burger in the grill press, I go to the front of the station and pretty my burger up. I put shredded lettuce, sauteed peppers and onions, and mushroom. I use ketchup as the glue to hold my sandwich together, and it is a great meal to have The burger isn't mushy, it is kind of crunchy. That may sound weird, but I enjoy it. 

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