Friday, March 23, 2012

Whenever you have 80 degree weather in March, you have to go out and enjoy it. So, that is exactly what I did.
 A couple of my friends and I went out shopping down Main Street yesterday, soaked up the sun, purchased some items, and enjoyed lunch at a place where everything is homemade. Lunch at this restaurant is a perfect way to kick off the weekend.
My friend and I split a sandwich, which consisted of freshly baked focaccia bread, chicken, a portabella mushroom, cheddar, tomatoes, and homemade pesto. (The best pesto you will have.) The sandwich is rather large, but when you finish you always want more. (Well, unless you are full, but later on in the day, it keeps you thinking about the sandwich.)
Along with the homemade sandwich, we each got our self a freshly made drink. The best part of the beverages is that they come with homemade cubes, so with my black tea, I chose to get blueberry cubes, and with her freshly squeezed lemonade, she opted for the strawberry cubes.
The place is small in size, but there must have been at least 25 people eating outside yesterday as we walked up to the restaurant. I told my friend that it is one of the best places in town, and after finishing our meal, she couldn’t agree more.

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