Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Fresh Mozzarella. There is nothing like it, and every time I eat it I crave for more. There aren’t many grocery stores that I have been to that make the mozzarella right there in front of you. Fairway, however, makes it right there on the spot and then places it on the counter to be sold. You could choose either salted, or non-salted.
    Although there are many different ways to eat mozzarella, I eat it straight from the package. I take it out of the plastic, cut slices up and pop them into my mouth. . There is no need for bread, or frying it, placing it in salad, because the mozzarella alone will be satisfying.
    Tonight however, I discovered the combination of prosciutto and mozzarella is perfect. The salty, chewy, meat goes great with the softness of the cheese. Unfortunately, I only had a couple pieces because we finished the mozzarella very quickly.
    With leftover mozzarella, a great option is to make homemade mozzarella sticks. Although you could make is with any kind, to me, the greatest way is with the fresh cheese. Just mix it in egg wash and then breadcrumbs, throw it in some oil in a pan and you are good to go.

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