Saturday, March 24, 2012

      You would think that my favorite alfredo dish would come from an italian restaurant, but that is so far from the truth. The best linguini alfredo I have had comes from a little diner in Londonderry, New Hampshire. You would never think that would be the case, but once you try it, you will want to go back.
     Around two years ago, I went to a restaurant with my friend and her family for the first time when I went home for the weekend. I had no idea what to get and I opted for the alfredo, a strange choice I know.. but one of the best food choices I have made.
      The diner has a homey feel to it, as you walk inside, you can sit at any table you would like. That's the difference I notice between NH and NY. Whenever you walk into a diner, you don't have to wait to be seated, rather you can choose wherever you please. 
      We sat down and the waitress handed us the menus. I didn't even have to look at one, since I order the same dish every time. Dishes come with soup or salads, so I request the corn chowder each time I am there. 
      The chowder is thick and creamy, with pieces of bacon and potato running through it. The restaurant makes their own seasoned salt., and it compliments creamy dishes very well. I sprinkle some on and I am good to go. 
        For the main course, I decided to order the usual, linguini alfredo. It comes with chicken and broccoli but since I find chicken dry, I ask for extra broccoli. My friend and I ordered the same dish. When the entrees were served, I noticed that she had more broccoli present in hers than I did. I must be the only person who would get upset about not having enough broccoli. 
       The plate was filled to capacity with pasta. What I like about the dish is that it is very garlicky, and sometimes you find pieces of garlic inside. People may find that strange, but cooked garlic is very good, and with alfredo sauce all over it.. what could be better?
        I was sad that this may be my last time at the diner, given I am graduating in a month and I live four hours away. I could never forget a place like this, and I mean, how can I when I have leftovers to last me another week.

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