Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    I have a love for bacon. It is such a versatile food, and I could eat it with almost anything. Well, not almost anything.. I have heard people put bacon in their ice cream. If it was up to me, I would save it for something I really enjoy and not have it in a dessert I do not care for.
    Cooking bacon is very difficult. When I put it on the skillet, I end up standing their the entire time, constantly checking to see if it burns. Not only that, but you have to keep flipping it. Not to mention the oil and grease flying everywhere.
    When I went home with my friend to Easter weekend, I saw her mom cooking bacon in a way I never thought about. She set the oven for 350, and after five minutes, she took the bacon out and flipped it. The bacon ended up coming out really good. It was crispy, but fatty as well. Plus she didn’t have to stand their the whole time making sure it wouldn’t burn.
    So today, I did the same. I placed the bacon in the oven, and then went upstairs to watch TV. The bacon did take a little while longer than I thought, but when I took it out, I couldn’t ask for a better outcome. The bacon was crispy and delicious. It wasn’t too fatty, but I do enjoy it that way. I proceeded to put the bacon in the grilled cheese I was making. The sandwich came out delicious. However, next time I go to cook grilled cheese, I definitely will be adding more bacon than I did today.

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