Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Mothers Day is not a big event at the Ross household. Passover and Hannukah are our holidays, while the rest are held usually at our cousins.. Although we were supposed to make our way to another set of cousins today, it didn’t work out. Instead, we stayed home.
    My dad and I did our food shopping today, after he mentioned to me he wanted to cook up a pot roast. Ironically, I have just received a gift from my cousin that contained pot roast seasoning that I have been eagerly awaiting to use. When we arrived at the store, we scanned the vegetables looking for the ones we wanted to include. We picked out carrots, onions, celery, and mushrooms. As we were looking for the meat, we couldn’t seem to find what we needed. We asked around and the butcher informed us the store was out. So, we headed over to the other grocery store in town.
    When we arrived, we knew exactly what we were buying, so we didn’t waste any time. Well, my dad didn’t, I found myself wandering the aisles for Jimmy Dean sausage. (I will explain at a later time). After my dad found what we were looking for, along with some other items we picked up along the way, we headed out. After paying of course.
    I was excited to use my crock-pot. I haven’t used it since December break I believe, and it has been a long time coming. A couple hours ago,, we prepped tomorrow nights dinner. My dad took the liberty of peeling the potatoes and carrots, and quartering the onion. I was in charge of handling the meat, so I started to season.
    What I did with the meat is the same as I would be doing for any brisket. I mixed all the seasonings together. (These included onion powder, garlic powder, Emeril’s steak rub, and a few Mrs. Dash spices.) Afterwards, I took the meat and placed it on the plate, hoping to cover the entire thing. I then placed the meat into the crock-pot, and tossed in all of our vegetables. Next, I poured the sauce on top, and placed on the lid. We set it on low for 8 hours, and checked in for the night.
    I cannot wait to try the dish tomorrow, hoping it does not disappoint. I was thinking about making mashed potatoes to go alongside, but since I will be making them the night after, maybe I will find something else to go with it. Or maybe not. Our family doesn’t often do sides, we are a one dish type of clan.

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