Saturday, May 26, 2012

    There is nothing like the summer. Warm days, poolside, BBQ, and baseball games of course. Last night, I attended my first Mets game of the season, and it was great-they won!
    Whenever I go to the ballpark, I get really excited about the food I am going to eat. Even since Citi Field opened, the food options are endless. Tacos, French fries, pizza, sushi, it just doesn’t stop. Every time I go, I always end up getting the same thing.. A hot dog.
    Last night, I decided to start off with Nachos. Yes, the choice is a bit boring, but it is delicious. The warmness of the cheese with the fresh chips. After finishing them off, I was still hungry,
    When I went down to the first level, my friend and I were searching for something else to eat. She opted for fried dough, but I was feeling more food. When I saw the grilled sausage stand, I knew what I wanted. I ordered the sweet Italian sausage with the works. The meat was huge! I swear it seemed over a foot long.
    I am not sure how I feel about my choice. Although the sausage was good, I wasn’t completely satisfied. It was chewy, and had a bit of a crunch to it. It did pair well with the cooked peppers and onions. I went over to the toppings bar, and added some braised onions to the mix. I ended up not eating a lot of the bread, but after soaking in the sauce from the braised onions, I had to give it a bite. It was good, sweet from the sauce, and it bursted with flavor.
    Now I am not upset about what I decided to eat last night, the cost however, seemed to irk me. I spent over $20 for sausage, nachos, and hot chocolate. (Yes, even though it was warm out, we got stuck sitting on top under the air.) Next time, I am going with a budget!

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