Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    My next couple of days are going to consist of the following: laundry, watching TV, relaxing, more laundry, eating, oh and did I mention laundry? I always complain to my mom that I do not have enough clothing. However, when it comes time to do the wash after the end of every school year, the laundry seems endless. I already have a pile of clothes building downstairs and that is only from a couple of loads.
    Although I am stuck doing chores for the next couple of days, there are many upsides to being home. One of them is the food that I get to eat. My dad is no Emeril Lagasse, but his effort doesn’t go unnoticed. He seems to be cooking often recently, and the meals he makes are very good. Last night, he made sushi.
    I have been anticipating going to the grocery store for days now. Even before I come home, I tend to think about what I want to pick up when I head over to Shoprite or Fairway in the next week. Yesterday I thought I would be heading over there, until my dead came home with some groceries of his own. “I’m making sushi,” he said. Now, I have heard that his sushi was impressive, but I never was able to experience the cuisine.
    After an hour of waiting for the meal to be finished, I happily made my way over to the dinner table for the meal. There on the table, was a plate of sushi. He cut it into six pieces, and it looked like it came out of a restaurant. Tuna and crunchy pieces were wrapped inside rice and seaweed. The roll looked awesome, if I must say so myself, and it tasted just as great.
    He also made shrimp tempura, and I felt as if I had gone out for a nice Japanese cuisine. The tempura was great, it was crunchy, and it tasted like tempura should. It had a buttery kick to it, but I am not complaining. Who needs to go out for dinner when I have my own Japanese chef right here in my own home.

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