Thursday, May 31, 2012

I have noticed two things about cooking that determine the outcome of a meal: creativity and laziness., Last night, I experienced a little bit of both.
My dad had brought home some steak from Fairway, along with some other foods that included sun dried tomatoes in oil. My dad threw on a pan put some oil on the bottom and set the stove to heat up. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was cooking the steaks. “Plain?” I asked. He replied yes and continued to cook.
For me, the best part of my dads steak is the marinade he makes. If he wasn’t going to use the marinade, then what is the point of eating steak?
I asked if he could make some of his steak for me, which he had no problem doing.
I noticed the sun dried tomatoes on the table, and I got an idea.
I have been the grilled cheese queen lately, so I went up to the fridge and pulled out the fresh mozzarella. I proceeded to make a sandwich, with sliced mozzarella and the sun dried tomatoes- Yum.
My dad offered to cook it for me, and unfortunately, the grilled cheese burnt. Thank god we have more mozzarella and tomatoes or I would have been pretty upset.
When I finished with the sandwich, I was content. It wasn’t cooked as much as I would have liked, but it was still very tasty from the spices and garlic on the tomatoes and the fresh mozzarella.
My dads steak was phenomenal. He put them in the broiler until they were done. They weren’t dry at all. The end result consisted of crispiness, but moist and juicy at the same time. The flavor of the marinade makes the steaks taste so much better than some that have nothing on them at all.
See? There really is a difference when you use some creativity, and not just throwing some steaks onto pan.

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