Saturday, May 19, 2012

    Whenever I go to the movies, I always order the same thing. Nachos. I do enjoy popcorn, but there is nothing like a good salty crunch mixed with the warm cheese dip. Last night a couple of my friends and I went to see What to Expect When Expecting, and of course, I made sure to get my chips and cheesy bite.
    I never understood why they jack up the prices at the movie theatres. I do however, notice a significant difference between the movie theatre at home and the theatre up at school. Nachos here are double the price, and if you want more cheese, they charge you extra. Whenever I got to the movies with my roommate, the vendor always throws in extra cheese, no matter how many piggish times I go up there, at no cost.
    It was disappointing for me to see the chips served last night in a bag. That just means there is a limited amount, and they aren’t getting warmed up first. The cheese was good, but it did have a kick to it. Although I did enjoy the $6.25 snack I purchased, I wish they would serve a larger portion of cheese, more chips, and cut the cost in half.

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